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The Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation is inspired by the work and vision of Daniel Brown, Ph.D. Our mission is to promote an exchange of gifts between East and West. The gifts from the East are the precious teachings of the Bon and Buddhist indo-Tibetan lineages. The Foundation acts as facilitator for these gifts through its support of meditation practices in the pointing-out method and the translation of sacred texts for the Western practitioner. For more about these these texts and practices, please visit www.pointingoutway.org.

At the same time that the teachings and practices are taking root in the West, however, these precious traditions are at risk of dying out in their places of origin. Our “gift in return” is to partner with our friends and mentors to preserve and revitalize these precious teachings in their indigenous settings. This aspect of our mission has taken us recently to the Mustang region of Nepal. Visit our projects page for more information.

We thank you in advance for your interest and support of this work.

Please watch these videos to learn more about our foundation:

Completed Projects

The Pointing Out The Great Way Foundation has done much to bring the precious lineage teachings of the Bon and Buddhist Indo-Tibetan meditation practices to the West, as well as to provide the necessary support to preserve and revitalize these precious teachings in their indigenous settings.

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Board Members

Our foundation is comprised of members from all walks of life who have committed themselves to sharing the gifts of the East with the West, and making sure these sacred traditions and texts do not vanish from their places of origin.  Please click below to learn more about our board members.

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