Enlightened Intention, the Good Spiritual Life, and Rainbow Body

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Project Description

including translations of The Four Manners of Dying to Accomplish Rainbow Body by Shar rdza bKra’ shis rGyal mtshan and another similar text by ‘Jam mgon Kong sprul, and The Sacred Biography of the Venerable Bon Lama, Zla ba Grags pa, written by bsKal bzang bsTan pa’ rGyal mtshan, and translated by Geshe Sonam Gurung and Daniel P. Brown, Ph.D., under the Guidance of H.H. the 33rd Menri Trizin.

This book is about the manifestation of enlightened intention, in a practitioner’s lifetime, manifesting as leading the good spiritual life, and as the practitioner is dying, manifesting as rainbow body practice. The main text describes the spiritual life of the Bon practitioner Zla ba Grags pa, the main understudy of Shar rdza Rinpoche. It depicts the good spiritual life of intense devotion to advanced Bon Great Completion practice and to serving and teaching others. This lama’s rich life ended with the full manifestation of rainbow body. He received the instructions from his teacher the incomparable Shar rdza Rinpoche. The volume includes an extensive discussion of rainbow body as a practice, wherein the residual substantiality of the physical body is dissolves fully into light so that the body disappears into rainbow light a few days after dying. The book elucidates the four methods used to attain rainbow body while dying, and includes two translations of the four methods—one text from Shar rdza Rinpoche, and another text from ‘Jam mgon Kong sprul. The book also includes a discussion of rainbow body in terms of Western science: research on the resurrection and the Shroud of Turin in Christianity, and research on the relics of famous Buddhist and Bon enlightened masters, specifically with a focus on the question of whether or not enlightened intention can significantly alter physical reality.

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Status: Copy edited. Projected in 2020.