Heart Drops of Kun tu bZang po

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Project Description

by Shar rdza bra’ shis rGyal mtshan, translated by Geshe Sonam Gurang & Daniel P. Brown, D. (2018) under the guidance of His Holiness the 33 rd Menri Trizin. Occidental CA: Bright Alliance.

This book is the shortest of Shar rdza Rinpoche’s trilogy on Bon Great Completion by-passing meditation. It contains:

(1) a detailed set of by-passing preliminary practices, including very detailed emptiness meditations;

(2) thoroughly cutting through pith instructions on view, meditation, conduct, and fruition to establish stable awakening. Emphasis is given the “the great non-action” as the essential point for crossing over from ordinary mind to awakened mind-itself;

(3) by-passing pith instructions to purify ordinary perception so as to directly experience each of the levels of by-passing visions. Emphasis is given to the specialness of by-passing pith instructions as compared to thoroughly cutting through pith instructions, drawing from the teachings in Awakened Awareness of the Cuckoo and

(4) pith instructions for recognizing the very similar visions in the dying process and after-death bardos, so as to transfer-consciousness at that time.

This text was originally translated into English by Lopon Tenzin Namdak entitled Heart Drops of Dharmakāya, Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion, 1993. That translation was based on lectures he gave on the text to Western students in Nepal in 1991. However, that translation, based on live lectures, is not a line-by-line translation of the original Tibetan text, and many quoted passages from other texts were omitted. Therefore, we have made this new, line-by-line, complete translation available here.


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