Pith Instructions for A Khrid rDzogs Chen

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Project Description

by Bru rGyal ba g. Yung drung. (2017), translated by Geshe Sonam Gurang and Daniel P. Brown, Ph.D. under the guidance of His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin for the Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation. Occidental CA: Bright Alliance.

A main practice manual from one of the four great lineages of Bon Great Completion meditation (rdzogs chen). These lineage teachings started with a fifty-session lesson plan by Ri Khrod, and eventually was reduced to 14 sessions by Bru rGyal ba. This step-by-step practice manual, using ‘intense means’ of pith instruction, covers three broad areas of practice:

(1) ripening the unripened mind-stream or building the vessel of the mind via preliminary practices such as impermanence, taking refuge, setting the intention (bodhicitta), confession, mandala offering, and guru yoga;

(2) bringing the ripened mind-stream to liberation through concentration training, directly pointing out the natural state, stabilizing awakened mind-itself in- and between meditation sessions, and mixing awakening into daily activities, and

(3) liberation to completion as Buddhahood, mainly through the practice of letting whatever arises run its own course without mental engagement so as to automatically self-liberate karmic memory traces in dreams, and with respect to ordinary everyday appearances. The final pith instructions open up the direct manifestation of the three-fold embodiment of enlightenment. The book includes the root text, and an extensive auto-commentary by the same author, and a supplemental instruction on consciousness-transference.


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