The Six Lamps

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According to the Zhang Zhung Oral Transmission Lineage of Bon Great Completion.

Root Text by Tapihritsa & sNang bzher Lod po; Explanatory commentaries, The Ornamentation of Sun-Light, commentary by Au Ri, and The Intention and Ultimate Meaning commentary by Bru sgom rGyal ba g.yung drung; and practical guidance commentaries: The Six Essential Points of Bodhicitta, and The Six Energy Drops, translated by Geshe Sonam Gurung & Daniel P. Brown, Ph.D. under the Guidance of H.H. the 33 rd Menri Trizin for the Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation.

The Six Lamps is one of the main Bon by-passing Great Completion practice manual from the Oral Transmission lineage. The root text contains pith instructions for pointing out the step-by-step then combined practice of the four primary lamps: (1) the lamp of the universal ground; (2) the lamp of the fleshy heart to enhance direct recognition of awakened awareness; (3) the lamp of the soft white channel, to connect the flow of primordial wisdom from the heart to the eyes; and (4) the lamp of the extensive lasso of the fluid eyes, to set up the direct manifestation of the levels of by-passing visions initially on the surface of the fluid eye lamps at the boundary of the eyebrow fence. The fifth lamp unpacks the levels of visions in greater detail. The sixth lamp addresses comparable vision to be recognized in the dying process and after-death states. The root text also contains more advanced set of “close-to-heart” pith instructions using a series of metaphors to illustrate the meditative experiences and realizations at a more refined level. The two explanatory commentaries explain the main essential points of the root text. The two practice commentaries give different perspective on the actual practice.


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