Twenty One Nails

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Project Description

from the Zhang Zhung Oral Transmission Lineage of Bon Great Completion [Meditation], [the Root Text] transmitted by Tapihritsa with an auto-commentary attributed to Gyer spungs sNang bzher Lod po, translated by Daniel Brown, Ph.D. & Geshe Sonam Gurung, under the Guidance of His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin, for the Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation.

The Twenty One Nails is the companion teaching to the Six Lamps. It is designed to “nail” the realizations of twenty one perspectives on the natural state, such as cutting through delusion and purifying mistakes of practice; establishing the path of dharmadhatu exhaustion; recognizing awakened awareness, the universal ground, the three-fold embodiment of enlightenment, the pure realms of the sacred mandala as right here, and the five primordial wisdoms; and developing the full measure of stable enlightenment. The translation includes the root text teachings transmitted from Tapihritsa to sNang bzher Lod po, as well as a detailed explanatory auto-commentary by sNang bzher Lod po.


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