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The Shenten Thagye Ling Monastery

We are working with PWC and Geshe Sonam to redesign our building project for the land we are in the process of purchasing in Nepal.

We will have exciting news to share in 2020 about The Shenten Thagye Ling Monastery!

Thank you all for your support.  It is happening!! 

Spiritual Campus Project


The next major step in revitalizing these teachings in Mustang is our plan to build a working Bon monastery and teaching center in Jomson. We have completed the architectural plans to build a Bon temple, courtyard, housing and kitchen for 100 Bon monks. We will build the campus in traditional Bon feng shui style, with some modern modifications. The original intention was to build the temple with traditional mortar and wooden beams. While construction will be outside of the epicenter, we are motivated to build a more earthquake-resistant building constructed of steel. The windows have been modified to give the building greater natural light exposure. Solar panels will be placed on the dormitory roofs but not on the main temple.

The principal architect is Carl Maxey, a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and an award winning architect from Carmel, CA who has experience building monasteries and earthquake resistant structures. Our landscape architect is Annie Gilson, a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Landscape Architecture.

The project includes plans to build a 100 bed youth hostel toexpand the number of local children receiving a good education, learning the Tibetan language and spiritual practices.

Adjacent to the monastery and youth hostel we plan to build a guesthouse and a learning center. The proceeds from the guesthouse will support the operating costs of the monastery. Building the guesthouse allows, our Western Pointing Out Way advanced students, to travel to Jomson to take the Bon Great Completion meditation teachings at the new center. We have developed a working relationship with one of the last surviving Bon hermitage and cave yogis in the area – g. Yung drung rGyal mTshan, who has a hermitage in the nearby Lubrak Mountains. He has agreed to offer precious advanced teachings to eligible students from our community – teachings never before shown in the West. Possible advanced teachings from the Bon hermitage and cave yogi Great Completion tradition include such teachings as sun gazing, dark retreats, levels of by-passing visions (thod rgal), extracting vital energy to reduce or eliminate the need of food in long meditation retreats, etc. Our long term plan is to develop a working relationship with the masters of the surviving cave and hermitage yogi culture. In this manner, qualified Western students can study with the senior monks and hermitage yogis at the guest house and surrounding centers. This revitalizes the culture of the cave and hermitage yogis for both indigenous and advanced Western practitioners alike.

We hope you can help

We have taken steps towards our building project goals. First, we have held a series of town meetings with the mayor of Jomson and the chiefs of surrounding villages. They warmly welcomed our plan to build a major Bon monastery and teaching center and they donated the land needed for the buildings. The land has been legally transferred to Geshe Sonam’s non-profit organization, the Mustang Cultural and Education Center. Second , Carl Maxey has completed the schematic architectural plans.

Our next phase concerns fund-raising. Building in the mountains of the Anapurna district where transportation is difficult presents significant challenges. A realistic estimate to build all three projects in this area of Nepal, using steel frame construction, will cost around $9 million USD. Before we even commence a formal fund raising initiative, we have secured $2.9 million through our spiritual non-profit Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation, or Geshe Soanm’s Nepal non-profit, the Mustang Cultural and Educational Center All donations are tax exempt in the USA.

We hope that you share our vision of appreciating the preciousness of these Indo-Tibetan lineage teachings that we have brought to the West through the teachings of Daniel Brown, PhD. and all the Western and Tibetan teachers associated with him. We also hope you will support our vision to give back to these cultures and help to revitalize these teachings in their indigenous context. We likewise look forward to continuing the exchange between our cultures as we manifest the opportunity to study on this new campus in Nepal.

We greatly appreciate any range of donations to help fulfill this vision.

Nepal School Children Sponsorship

We are funding a boarding school to bridge the gap between the Nepalese educational policy and the cultural needs of this indigenous community . At an annual cost of $1000 per child the Foundation currently sponsors 39 village children (mostly from poor families) to attend Nepalese boarding school where they learn reading, writing, science, and math etc. These children live near the school and again in the evening, the children learn to read, write, and speak their indigenous Tibetan language . They learn Tibetan history and traditional prayers and rituals. We are committed to sponsoring each child until they complete school and each year we add four additional students to our program.

This program is still in its infancy but beginning to work. Grandparents who still speak Tibetan told us recently that, when their grandchildren were home for the holidays, it was amazing to see them speaking Tibetan, chanting Tibetan prayers, and engaging in familiar rituals in Tibetan. Our long term goal is to teach this next generation of children their own Tibetan spiritual practices and thereby revitalize Tibetan Bon and Buddhist customs in Mustang.

The Foundation built a cultural center in Pangling, a large, single story building in the center of the village. This is where the younger generation learns from elder women to weave and make boots and thangkha painters pass on their sacred painting skills. The center is also being used to hold community meetings and celebrations.

Sacred Text Translations

Under the guidance of His Holiness, Dr. Brown received the transmissions and permission to translate and teach the Bon A Khrid Great Completion lineage meditation practices. Dr. Brown and Geshe Sonam Gurung have translated the main A Khrid root text and commentary from Tibetan into a form that Westerners can practice.

Dr. Brown also learned the Bon Zhang Zhung Oral Transmission Great Completion lineage meditations practices of Tapihritsa’s Six Lamps and Twenty One Nails, which he and Geshe Sonam have translated. Recently, His Holiness has asked Dr. Brown with Geshe Sonam, to translate the 11 books of the Self-Arising Threefold Embodiment of Enlightenment by Shar rdza ‘Bkra Shis rGyal mTshan. This collection contains the most advanced meditations commonly practiced by the cave and hermitage yogis that complete the path to enlightenment. Our funding has made these advanced meditations that have never before been shown to or translated in the West possible.

The gift of these teachings to the West, in the form of the practices and translations, is a precious treasure that inspires our gratitude (and motivates us) to give back to the larger Bon community and work to restore and preserve these teachings in their indigenous setting.

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