The Gift in Return: A Vitally Important Treasury of Wisdom, by Daniel Brown, Ph.D.

The Gift in Return: A Vitally Important Treasury of Wisdom, by Daniel Brown, Ph.D.

His Holiness Menri Trizin has asked me to translate the sku gsum rang shar [Self-Arising Three Enlightened Bodies] of Shar rdza bkra’ shis rgyaal mtshan. Shar rdza Rinpoche is perhaps the best yogi practitioner in the Bon tradition in the past thousand years. He reached rainbow body at the time of death in 1936, displayed in front of several hundred followers. His works have been collected in 17 volumes. His Holiness Menri Trizin gifted me a copy of the 17 volumes in old block prints format, and asked me to translate volume 10, the  sku gsum rang shar. The sku gsum rang shar contain 11 texts giving exquisite detail to various meditation practices: a very detailed commentary on the main practices of the A Khrid system; a text on yogic exercises to supplement A Khrid meditation; a very detailed text on the four levels of tod rgal [by-passing] visions; a very detailed account of inner fire practice; a detailed account of meditations during the dying process; a manual for dark retreat practice; a text on the conduct of advanced practitioners; a text on how to attain enlightened Buddha bodies; a text on everyday attachments on the path; the instructions of the cave yogis for extracting vital energy from the universe to support fasting on long retreats. His Holiness Menri Trizin wishes to make these precious Bon Dzog Chen teachings available to qualified Western practitioners.

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