The Greater Boston and N.E. Sangha

The Greater Boston and N.E. Sangha

In greater Boston and N.E. our Sangha has had a tradition of gathering together to practice as a group in formal sitting meditation on a monthly basis.  It is a Blessing.  It has proven an occasion to bond, learn, and experience ourselves as a supportive community.  It is a Fellowship.

These gathering have no leader.  The format is a loose gathering to chat and get to know one another.  There are two period of formal sitting meditation, usually preceded by listening to one of Dan’s public teaching.

Due to illness of the person hosting, we were forced to suspend these gatherings for the last 2 years

In June of this year Gayle and Rich Colman graciously offered their lovely and spacious home in Carlisle, MA as a new point of practice.  It was a very welcome return.  Gayle and Rich recognized that an arrival time between 7 PM to 7:30 PM a Tuesday night was not ideal. Gayle has revised the meeting to Sundays.

People who received invitations to attend the summer meetings were arbitrary. It drew largely on the mailing list of local people who attended the advanced retreats in 2013. The Sangha gatherings are open to all committed people who have participated in any POGWF retreats.  This is not a monthly commitment, but flexible to your convenience.  Please contact me if you are interested.

These meetings with peers are a tonic for those of us who at times feel gratitude for have fellow travelers on the Path.  At times it feels as if all Three Jewels are in motion.

May we honor our Teachers,


Paul Ling, aka Cowboy Paul

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